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What is GuestKey?

GuestKey, Hotek’s latest innovation. It’s a complete cloud hosted platform that allows you to communicate directly with your customer, colleague or guest at any time. It is easy to make real-time changes to the Web App and push new promotions or important messages. GuestKey also offers an excellent opportunity to generate sales directly from the Web App interface.
Personalized Personalize as desired
Compatible With your current
lock system
Secured No keycards
Real-time Online access throught the cloud
Super easy No app download required

Hardware parts

Door Locks

Hotek is known for its hotel locks. With our innovative ideas on locks, we have been creating future-proof hotel locks for two decades now. The Hotek CLASSIC-slot is a perfect example of a traditional hotel lock, with the technology of the future. It can be used both inside and outside and offers absolute quality and security.

CLE Controller

All Hotek CLASSIC & SMART locks are CLE-ready (GuestKey) but other brands can also be upgraded with GuestKey. Upgrade these locks with the GuestKey controller so they can be opened with the Web App. This makes the keycard obsolete. The GuestKey controller, a Cloud Low Energy chip (CLE©), is easily installed in any RFID lock.

CLE Gateway

The combination of your smartphone and our GuestKey Web App makes it possible to open any lock electronically, easily and from anywhere in the world. To do this, connect your smartphone to the cloud and use GuestKey; the future of hotel locks.

Key features

  • IoT based

  • Cloud based software

  • Real-time lock and user access management

  • Real-time insight and history

  • Lock & battery status

  • Revoke or grand (guest) access instantly

  • Easy integrations by API

  • Remote access

  • Ultra fast openings

  • No app download required

GuestKey packages

GuestKey packages

GuestKey standard

  • URL link to Web App

  • Powered by Hotek logo

  • Web App mobile key

  • Or API only

  • URL link to the Web App

  • Powered by Hotek LOGO > is reeds Engels

  • Web App Mobile Key > is reeds Engels

  • Of API only > Or API only

GuestKey silver

  • Complete GuestKey Web App

  • Unlock doors through your smartphone

  • Reception tool

  • Option for 1 language

  • Integrate your own logo

GuestKey gold

  • URL link to custom Web App

  • Web App mobile key

  • Your LOGO, design and color

  • Languages: 4

  • Welcome tool & Smiley module

  • Feedback

  • Weather and Hotel information

  • 4 pages

  • Reception tool

GuestKey platinum

  • Complete GuestKey Web App

  • Opening hotel doors via mobile phone

  • Reception tool

  • Option for 4 languages

  • Integration with your own logo

  • Hotel information module

  • Smiley module

  • Weather module

  • Reception contact

  • iFrame

  • CMS access

  • Whatsapp (or IM/Chat) function

  • Public transport module

  • Digital hotel information folder

  • Information about the surrounding area

  • Tailor-made solution

  • Additional forms

How it works


Electronic lock + CLE Conroller + Gateway = GUESTKEY


Switch now

Switch now to GuestKey!
If you would like to offer your guests a more convenient, hygienic stay
and give them a full contactless experience,
time has come to be ready for the future!

Be prepared and make sure to turn the switch now!

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