From the series: Innovating in times of crisis

Do you still have those binders in your hotel rooms with interesting information and flyers for your guests? To be honest, don’t you think those are a bit outdated?

Digitalisation is the future and whether you like it or not, you too should be busy with digitising those outdated features in order to stay on top.

Apps, apps, apps are everything! But why would a guest download an app just for a short stay at your hotel? This is why we created a webapp to stay in touch with your guest and to communicate any information you like. You can not only use this webapp as a way to communicate, but also to open your hotel doors. Just integrate our connector into your RFID-locks to make magic happen. Meet GuestKey, a complete solution for a more digitised future without losing the contact with your guesYou might probably ask yourself if this is the right time to start innovating. The COVID-19 virus has turned all of our lives upside down and is not making it quite easy to keep our heads above water. That is why we created a limited offer for those of you that are ready for a more digitised future. Try out GuestKey now for free for a period of three months. If you are interested in our limited offer, please contact us.

Digitalisation = key
Stay home and stay safe!