Hotek – GuestKey

What is the benefit for the Hotelier?

The hotelier is in better contact with his guest. One can offer extra services to make the stay pleasant and provide extra up sales.

The hotelier can take matters into his own hands again around the guest trip and is less dependent on large booking platforms, for example you can ask for a rating during your stay.

The hotel also complies with all gouvernment guidelines, the guest feels safe and it is very hygienic in the post-corona era. After all, the guest uses his or her own smartphone. We have grown up with our Hotek Classic hotel locks with a keycard, but corona heralds a new era at an accelerated pace and with GuestKey we believe we have found the solution”, says Dolf Mulder, founder of Hotek Security B.V..

The proof is in our hands: Over the past few weeks we have been busy installing hundreds of new and existing hotel rooms that we are upgrading to GuestKey.

How does the Webapp work?

The Guest receives a link by mail. Clicking on the link opens the GuestKey webapp and here the guest can open their Hotel room door. Important detail: There is no need to download an app in an app store. GuestKey is a web app that works via web browsers and can therefore be used on any type of cell phone. This cloud application, is now being rolled out to allow hotels to communicate with their guests safely and hygienically. For example, it is also possible to provide access in advance or at a “Late night arrival”, so physical contact with the guest is not necessary; more comfort for the guest and savings on personnel costs.

Do the Keycards still work?

Yes, an upgrade of GuestKey with an existing keycard system makes it a “Hybrid” solution. The Hotelier offers the guest an alternative to the usually unhygienic keycards and hotel folders. The online alternative GuestKey can offer various additional services that make the stay pleasant and provide up sales. But it can also be seamlessly integrated with various popular PMS systems.