From the series: Innovating in times of crisis

A contactless check-in at a hotel; something that is already possible, but not yet a reality at many hotels. We see that more and more hotels are starting to realise how import this is going to be.

Especially now, with the corona crisis that made hygiene a crucial factor.

GuestKey is the key to your guests and hotel rooms, wrapped in a connector and webapp. The connector can be easily integrated in any RFID-lock and is connected with the webapp via the cloud. With this webapp, guests can open their hotel room but also check in online. This makes the check-in contactless which is not only very useful, but also extremely safe.

Just because your guests can now check in and open their rooms via the webapp, does not mean you lose all contact with them. The webapp can be totally personalised and serves as an extra form of communication between you and your guests. Use this extra point of contact to share interesting information, ask for a review or to even create an upsell by communicating relevant promotions.

We understand that it might not seem like the right time for hotels to start innovating. But it actually is the time to open up opportunities and to get ahead of the competition. If you make proper use of this time to innovate, it might help you get out of this crisis even stronger.This is why we have created a limited offer for you to try out GuestKey for free for a period of three months. The choice is yours, what will you do? Stand still or start innovating? If you would like to make use of our limited offer, please contact us!

Digitalisation = key
Stay home and stay safe!