From the series: Innovating in times of crisis

The COVID-19 virus is leading to many changes in different industries. But it is also leading to a massive change in our behaviour.

More than ever, people are prioritising safety and hygiene. And this will not just go back to normal when we have the virus under control. People will stay more precautious and think twice before shaking hands.

The hotel industry is going to need to make some changes. Starting with the regular keys or key cards. These may contain many germs and can easily be replaced. How? With GuestKey, a fully cloud-hosted platform that is connected to a connector that can be integrated in any RFID-lock. This connector makes it possible to operate the door lock with a webapp.

GuestKey is the key to your hotel rooms and guests. It enables them to open their hotel room with their mobile phone and gives you an extra form of communication. This way you are not only fulfilling the hygiene needs of guests, but you also give yourself an extra point of contact to inform your guests with relevant information through the webapp or to even create an upsell by communicating new promotions.

It might be a tough time for hotels right now, but if you want to fulfill the needs of guests that have been created by this crisis, we would like to offer you a helping hand. That is why we created a limited offer to try out GuestKey for free for a period of three months. If you would like to make use of this offer, please contact us.

Hygiene = key
Stay home and stay safe!