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The young entrepreneurs Willem Buissant and Lukas Godthelp had their first Short Stay in Amsterdam. Now a few years later they have developed a concept for the modern traveler.

City hotel Unplugged in the heart of Rotterdam has an exceptionally pleasant and modern guest journey. By using advanced technology there is more time and attention for the guest.

After an enormous renovation of the stately building at the Eendrachtsplein in Rotterdam in 2018 one still had to ring the intercom. Now in 2020 the guest clicks on a link, that he or she has received by email, immediately upon arrival and they can directly open the front door and the hotel room via the Your Mobile Key webapp. During the stay in one of the urban designed rooms, which are fully equipped, the guest experiences technology that guarantees a comfortable and safe stay.

We are open 24/7 through remote management. We have automated a lot. Nevertheless, personal contact remains very important. Just when the guest needs us, we are available and ready to assist them.


We have started with the QR scanner. However, we have noticed that this was not always understood or used properly. And thus we have made the upgrade to the Your Mobile Key webapp. You can inform people. It is a simple click on the link and it always works.

Unplugged Rotterdam is not yet part of a chain. We do have the ambition to roll out multiple city hotels like this one. A city hotel suitable for the frequent traveller. We believe by handling space well and using the right materials we can distinguish ourselves. Technology is of paramount importance.

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City hotel for Leisure & Business

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Since when do you use Hotek?

2018, Hotek was really the “Go to” company. Known as “the company” when it comes to automation. Other reputable hoteliers also advised to work with Hotek. Lukas studied at the Hotelschool in The Hague. After we had a Hotel in Amsterdam, in de Pijp, we opened Unplugged Rotterdam right after that.

We have noticed that by automating our hotel we could improve the guest experience and save money at the same time. The last few years we have mapped out our challenges. With Your Mobile Key we have solved all our challenges. The functionalities are optimal. It looks very nice and works well. And certainly in this time with Covid-19, Your Mobile Key is more than welcome because of hygiene.

Is there an integration with a third system?

Yes, with Mews

Were there other providers involved in choosing the Hotel system?

Yes, but the price and quality was better at Hotek. Confidence and 20 years of experience were also important to us. But perhaps most important was the functionality and service we experience today. We are ready for the future with Your Mobile Key.

If you look back, how did it go?

Very well so far. With the previous system we could only monitor remotely. We still had to let people in via the intercom. That is has been improved now and much better. The guest is 100% in control and we have more time for other things.

What do you personally experience as the biggest advantage of this system?

Remote control, is actually really complete. With Your Mobile Key we avoid unnecessary contact and we can invest in things that improve the stay even more.

Are there other products you use from Hotek / BeDutch?

Yes, several products from BeDutch

Finish the following sentence: I chose Hotek because..

In our view, there is no system that allows security and communication to come together in one web app. The seamless integration works beyond expectations.