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What is Your Mobile Key ?

Your Mobile Key is an universal mobile key lock controller combined with a progressive Web App (PWA). This platform can be used for hotels, student housing, co-work spaces and cruise ships. The locks and Web App are 100% cloud based and no more download for an app is needed.

Why is Your Mobile Key unique ? 

The combination of mobile cloud key and digital communication is unique . The Your Mobile Key controllers can be used for any electronic lock and turns your current offline system into an online access control system for controlling your doors through the cloud, anywhere in the world.

How is Your Mobile Key created ?

Created by Dolf Mulder after introducing other mobile key options like NFC in 2010 and Bluetooth in 2012. As security of NFC / BLE is low and easy to hack and download of an app is needed, we stopped NFC/BLE. In 2018 CLE (Cloud Low Energy) the first real cloud based mobile key was released and in 2020 the Web App (PWA) was launched so no downloading of an app anymore.

Where is Your Mobile Key made ?

100% created & made & hosted in Holland. We don’t outsource our software in cheap countries like India or Moldova. Our Your Mobile Key controllers are also produced in Holland same for the cloud hosting and back-end software conform ISO 9001:2015 protocols.

Is Your Mobile Key secure ?

Yes ! We use 256 AES encryption, which is the highest standard available. And we use a private hosting of our cloud platform which gives the advantage that we are not dependant on other applications like Windows Azure for example. This means we are always on-line ! And we monitor 24h a day how our platform is running.

Can Your Mobile Key be used for other buildings besides hotels ?

Yes ! Next to hotels our universal cloud mobile key can be used for long stay apartments, co-work spaces, bungalows, offices, student housing and also on the water for cruises. Our Your Mobile Key controller can be used on any electronic lock, entrance doors and elevators.

Why no Bluetooth?

Bluetooth needs an app, you cannot make changes directly and all other lock suppliers need a third party app supplier to open a door. With cloud we use internet and we are always on-line. And most important; Bluetooth is not secure and easy to hack. We believe that Bluetooth is out-dated and only ok for streaming audio in your car. For security you’ll need an intelligent access platform not something out-dated.

What happens if I have no more battery life ?

 If you are a Millennial we are sure that your battery of your phone is always ok 🙂 But don’t worry you can still use a keycard or QR code. Which can be issued by the hotel reception or kiosk. Another option is that our support can open if we can have the correct verification. And in case of no internet connection you can do the same; use the keycard or QR code.

What happens if there is no (more) Wifi in our hotel or office ?

You can always use a keycard but we all have a 4G/5G internet connection on our smartphone where we can connect to the Your Mobile Key platform. We always advise our customer like hotels to install a mobile router connected to our gateway to make sure that the cloud system will still be working. And as a back-up you can use the keycard as well.

Does Your Mobile Key works through Wifi ?

No. We create our own wireless network (868 MhZ for Europe, 915 for USA) to communicate. If you need a different frequency please let us know, that is also possible. We use our own developed Gateways to communicate between the cloud and the lock controllers.

Why no app download ?

We believe that for a short-stay the download of app and receiving a lot of e-mails to register is not guest- and user friendly. Moreover we have seen that because of an app, guests refuse to use a mobile key. An app is ok if you use some tools on a regular base but not for short-stay. If you are already using an app in your hotel, don’t worry with our API we can connect to your app provider. But we are convinced that PWA (= Progressive Web App) is the future!

Can Your Mobile Key integrate with other software partners ?

Yes ! As a 100% cloud based platform we already have integrations with most Cloud Based PMS systems, check our partner community: a transparent digital portal. Besides an API or OTA integration we can also interface with other hardware like kiosks and other check-in terminals.

Can a guest book an upgrade or extra service via Your Mobile Key ?

Yes ! If you use our Gold or Platinum package the guest or user can order extra services in a very simple way. If you go to our Your Mobile Key packages you will see all options for each package. Ordering a taxi or room service is very easy. And in case of a hotel the guest can also give a review of your hotel.

Can I send the Your Mobile Key mobile key to another guest or user ?

Yes ! You can send the mobile key to other guests or users. Receiving a mobile key can be done through e-mail, QR code, WhatsApp and even by SMS which ensures that a guest or user always receives the mobile key a.s.a.p. and 100% opening is ensured.

Is it also possible NOT to forward the Your Mobile Key mobile key?

That is possible with our Smart Link function. With this special function you can also prevent the host from forwarding the mobile keys. For every application we have a custom solution with Your Mobile Key.

Can a guest or user open a door from anywhere remotely ?

You can choose if you like to restrain access from outside the hotel or property. A guest or user has to be in a certain distance to open doors. Another way is to activate that users can open doors worldwide, it all depends on the property and how the access control has to be used. So you can choose yes or no for remote access.

Is it also possible to work with GPS to prevent the door from being opened from any distance?

Of course it is! With our Geofencing function we can choose to first check the location before the slider (door opening) can be used. As soon as you are within range, the slider is active. In addition, we can set GPS per door/slider. In other words, optimal flexibility with Your Mobile Key.

Is Your Mobile Key a start-up ?

Your Mobile Key is a new brand within the Hotek Hospitality Group which has been founded in 1999 and after more 20 years with a financial stable position. You can check the Chamber of Commerce in Holland, Breda number: 20090515. We are and will be independent and have invested more than 2 Million Euros in developing and creating Your Mobile Key.

How about service & installation ?

Hotek Hospitality Group offers standard 24h service, worldwide with 2 years of all-in warranty included. Our own Dutch technicians travel all around the globe to ensure the perfect installation and Your Mobile Key benefits of the service program from Hotek Hospitality Group.

Is Your Mobile Key for free ?

We have good news for you. If you invest in the Your Mobile Key controllers for your existing locks you have invested in less operational costs and higher guest or user satisfaction.

Is Your Mobile Key covid proof ? 

Yes ! Even in these though times we see an increase in our sales as using your own mobile phone makes sure that you can remote check-in and keep distance between other people and open the door without using a “dirty” keycard. So hygiene is also guaranteed.  Most important is that with Your Mobile Key you are future proof!

Can I have a demo of Your Mobile Key ?

Of course !  Please visit for hotels: demo.guestkey.nl, for students: student.guestkey.nl for co-work spaces: co-worker.guestkey.nl  and for cruises: cruises.guestkey.nl where you can experience how our Web App is working. And also in our office we use Your Mobile Key: hotek.guestkey.nl