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The key to locking rooms & lockers

De eerste echte mobiele sleutel zonder het gebruik van een ‘dedicated’ app en dus geen noodzaak meer om een app te downloaden en installeren op je smartphone wat gezien wordt als de grootste drempel. Ben je de toekomst of ben je toekomstbestendig? Met Your Mobile Key ben je allebei!

Your Mobile Key for hotels

Wat is
Your Mobile Key?

Open opportunities

Your Mobile Key is een volledig cloud hosted mobile key en platform zodat men altijd in staat is om directe wijzigingen in de web-app aan te brengen, om nieuwe promoties of belangrijke berichten te uploaden, alles om de gast te informeren. Tevens biedt dit een uitstekende mogelijkheid om een upsell te creëren. Om negatieve beoordelingen te voorkomen kan de gast direct met het management communiceren d.m.v de smiley module of doorgestuurd worden naar het boekingsplatform om een positieve beoordeling te plaatsen. Dat alles met een paar drukken op de telefoon van de gast.

The benefits of GuestKey

100% made in Holland

The first mobile key solution which is 100% made in Holland. No cheap software outsources in low labour countries like India and Moldavia where there is no privacy protection of your data, although they will claim that your data is secured. How can they control long distance relations? They cannot.

Safe & Secure

The hardware & software components have an AES 256 security layer for communication between locks, gateways and the cloud software. A never seen before level of encryption security. And again, 100% made and controlled in Holland. Each lock has its own unique encryption key.


The first real mobile key without the use of a dedicated app and therefore no need to download an app. The biggest issue with apps nowadays. Are we the future or are we future proof? What was first, the chicken or the egg? We are both because we are open for everybody involved in mobile key use. We create trends and are the market leader.

100% flexible

Being connected = key! Hotek already has over 90 active interfaces worldwide with GuestKey. We can add the mobile key to your current system. In your PMS dashboard, you will have all data of your mobile keys integrated together with a seamless on-line check in.

Market leader

In less than 6 months, we have already implemented GuestKey in more than 200 hotels! How? Hotek has all resources with a real 24/7 installation and service team which is well trained to assist with technical support.


GuestKey is sustainable as with this solutions we can decrease plastic keycards with more than 90%, join our eco friendly program. No more paper waste as all information for your guest and users will be available on their mobile phone.

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Helemaal overtuigd van Your Mobile Key? Laat het ons weten of bekijk de diverse pakketten! Wij helpen je zo spoedig mogelijk op weg met de juiste oplossing.